Address festival location
Amsterdam President Allendelaan 3 (follow the signs from there)


The nearest train station is Amsterdam Sloterdijk. You can take the shuttle bus from there. Please check NS Reisplanner to find the easiest way to get to Amsterdam Sloterdijk from your location.

This year we have a special deal for you. You can travel by train from all over the country to Amsterdam Sloterdijk with 2 people for just €19.90. That’s only €9.95 per person! From here it’s only 10 minutes by shuttle bus.

Get your specially priced travel tickets here.


To make the trip easier we’ve arranged for a shuttle bus service to our event. The shuttle bus will stop by the entrance of Loveland Festival. From there it’s just a 1 minute walk to the venue.

  • Departure station: Amsterdam Sloterdijk
  • Price return ticket pre-sale €5,00
  • Times: 11:00 till 00.30 o’clock

The shuttle bus service is available all day between 11:00 till 00.30 o’clock. Between peak hours the shuttle bus will leave every 10 minutes. After the peak the shuttle bus will leave twice an hour.

Click here to buy your shuttle bus return ticket in pre-sale (we only sell return tickets!).


Of course we support traveling by bike. It’s easy, cheap and there’s more than enough room to park your bike across the entrance*. To reach the festival, please follow the signs. Navigation address: Amsterdam President Allendelaan 3.

*Please place your bike in the racks. Bikes that aren’t placed in the racks will be removed.


If you’re being dropped off at the festival, we have a special kiss & ride you can use. Due to construction on the A10 highway, cars driving from the North will have to use the A5, S102, S103, S104 or S105. Please take additional travel times into consideration. More information about the construction on the A10 highway can be found here

For the kiss&ride point travel to President Allendelaan 3 and follow the Kiss&Ride signs from here.


We strongly advise you not to come by car due to limited parking availability surrounding the festival. The President Allendelaan will be closed the entire day for all cars! Due to construction on the A10 highway there will be several detours (more information here). This will result in traffic congestion and additional travel times.

Instead, we recommend arriving by shuttle bus or bicycle. With either option, you will arrive right by the entrance. If you decide to come by car anyway, parking tickets are 15 euro in pre-sale. Click here to buy your parking ticket.

For the parking spots travel to President Allendelaan 3 and follow the signs with Parking from here. It’s only allowed to park in the designated parking areas.


Are you arriving by touringcar? Make sure to register at Touringcars that have preregistered are allowed to park for free. If you haven’t preregistered you will have to pay at the event. You will receive travel information regarding arrival and departure times prior to the event.


We will do everything we can to assign wheelchair users to a parking space close to the venue. Please buy a parking ticket in advance (see the information ‘by car’), at arrival you will be guided by a traffic warden after giving him/her the parking ticket, your disabled parking ticket and identification.


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