This tale dawns in Milan, where Karm and Matteo met at a very young age. The Lombardic capital will turn out to be the preface of their succes story as they now reside in Berlin, their inspirational verge. It is this frontier of creativity that formed a profound and inherently emotional sound that grabs you in a cathartic clench, carving a fathomless yearning.

Born in Toronto, Karm moved to Italy when he was just a child. It was at the tender age of ten when his parents took him to a classical concert that he felt “true love at first sight.” He dreamed of becoming
a pianist but eventually settled for law school.

Matteo left New York when he was just a year old and spent his late teens booking techno artists for his loft parties. After Karm quit law school, the pair met while studying music production at the SAE Institute. There, they bonded over a mutual love for music and discovered their complementary talents, thus marking the origin of Tale Of Us.

Over the years, the duo have gone through many phases and unearthed plentitudes of influences. Through a unique production ethos, the music of Tale Of Us carries a unique sense of urgent restraint, taking ample time to carefully pace both the listener and the dance floor. By dire polish and dramatic play of contrasts, the melody never fails to lead into carefully yet clearly voiced resolve.