Hailing from Rotterdam, Sandeep has been a steady factor in the Dutch dance scene for quite a while. Carrying the title “Rotterdam’s best kept secret” for several years now, his style of music has never been easily caught in a couple of words but best described as a suprising and distinct mix between deephouse, progressive, house, groove and tech-house. Deep, groovy and uplifting with an energetic drive. His “my definition of Deep House’ and ‘Darkside of the Moon’ series on Soundcloud have grown to become popular amongst many loyal followers. These mixes represent what his musical view stands for, deeper house in all its forms and shapes.

The past years Sandeep was the programmer and resident dj of the legendary Catwalk Club in Rotterdam. Nowadays, next to playing many festivals, (beach)parties and clubnights, Sandeep hosts his own monthly night “The Deep” in Rotterdam’s hotspot Toffler. A night that showcases his favourite artists from around the globe. Also he holds acclaimed residencies for major dutch players like DGTL, Whoosah Beachclub, Undertone, Give Soul, Toffler and Claydrum events.