A key figure on the Dutch scene since 1991. An international headlining artist known for his sets in Berghain, Space Ibiza, Womb Tokio, Watergate, his frequent Elrow gigs or headlining every major festival in the Netherlands. Gem Records label boss responsible for moving the careers of Egbert, Enrico Sangiuliano and Reinier Zonneveld forward. Steady producer of countless essential techno classics for over 25 years. One of the most original and down to earth pioneers of electronic music on the planet. All legitimate ways to describe Jeroen Verheij a.k.a. Secret Cinema.

Hungry for more the young producer invested his royalties in equipment. His friend Gert-Jan Bijl (a.k.a. 4lux frontman Gerd) recommended the Kurzweil K2000. This piece of equipment sparked an extremely productive period: “I made most of my nineties hits in 1994 sitting on the side of my bed because the room was too small to fit a chair in”.  It was there that he made Point Blank – Meng’s Theme; a track that according to the Swedish Drumcode label boss himself, inspired Adam Beyer to start making techno. The first Secret Cinema release “Timeless Altitude” followed soon and was a massive worldwide club hit played by Väth, Cox and was a Love Parade favourite. Grooveyard – Watch Me Now and Mary Go W!ld were huge crossover hits that made their way from the club into the national charts in several countries.